2007 Morgantown Music: Interviews

By: Sam McCreery

These are excerpts from a few of the interviews I did. Most of the musicians are speaking about from whom or what they learned the music that they play, the reason they play folk music, and their favorite part of playing music.

When/why did you start listening to folk music?

Well, at some point, you get tired of the radio and you get tired of your moms Michael Jackson records and Led Zeppelin and you get tired of the rock and roll trend and you discover something a little bit cooler. There is just something about it…its just captivating, its real music. It’s not bought and sold on a large scale, industrial basis.

-Ross Bishop

What is your favorite part of playing – performing, jamming, etc?

My favorite part is the rush of good feelings it can give you. Sort of indescribable. How good music can make you feel. The biggest thing I get out of it is feeling good, making other people feel good, telling a good story, turning other people onto music that they might not of heard. But I guess the biggest thing is just making people feel good.

-Ross Bishop

Why do you like to play this specific type of music?

It depends on how you like to listen to music. I like to listen to words and folk music has a lot of good lyrics and meaning to the people at certain times. There are a lot of songs about unions where people are getting treated badly and they want unions. These songs are about people getting treated bad and wanting better lives for themselves. To me folk music is more real than most music, at least lyrically.

-Ben Harki

Why did you start listening to folk music and playing it?

Kate: When I listened to it, the words were amazing, the melodies were really beautiful compared to other stuff on the radio. It was so much more deep and thoughtful.

Corey: It was like going somewhere. It takes you places, telling stories, just different. Real music.

Kate: Like poetry, a lot of it’s poetry.

Corey: You know, it wasn’t out for glam.

Kate: Not commercial.

-Kate Jaworski and Corey Bonasso

What is your favorite part of playing? Do you like performing or jamming, hanging out playing music?

Corey: I like jamming, working up songs. Performing is fun. Kate’s a performer.

Kate: I like both, very, very much. I like performing because there’s like definitely two sides to it. You can feel your friends all around you, but then there’s the audience that’s all around you, just jetting out all of this energy to you. I love jamming because there’s so much more sharing and communicating.

Corey: Yeah, it’s like having a conversation and you know, talking through a different language. And it’s fun, there’s no pressure of an audience.

Kate: And you can experiment a lot more.

Corey: And playing with different people, you know, hearing different takes on things. A new approach. We like new things, all the time. Constant refreshing.

-Kate Jaworski and Corey Bonasso

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