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Theatrical documentary play inspired by people of Coal River

Coal River written and directed by Becky Hill is an original documentary theatre project inspired by the people of Coal River Valley, West Virginia. The show focuses on a community in Southern West Virginia as they face Mountain Top Removal Mining. The language of this piece is formed from actual interviews, documents and speeches. The community member’s voices were taken from interviews collected by myself and Jen Osha within Raleigh and Boone County. All performances are free of charge. Donations are appreciated. All proceeds will go Marsh Fork Community Association.

The Bluegrass Special: Coal River Journal

By Jen Osha

When I first came to the Coal River Valley of West Virginia, I was wearing my uncle’s favorite boots. Rugged, yet well cared for, they served me well stomping about on the rocky moonscape of the strip mines.  He was always a practical man.

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