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Community Resource Mapping

Rachel Bey

Rachel is a student at Liberty High School. She moved with her family from Ohio 12 years ago. They've moved around the valley, from Bee Branch in Dameron, to Naoma, and now in Sand Creek.

Rachel would like to see a safe place for kids to hang out and a park for little kids. She says drugs, and the houses that sell them are a problem and she'd like law enforcement to condemn all the drug houses. She sees drugs as a barrier for her peers to achieve what they want in life.

She would like to "liven it up a bit. Everything is so plain and sad." Rachel thinks that adding things like a music store or a hobby lobby in Whitesville would be a great addition. People would no longer need to drive 50 minutes to do something fun in Beckley.

After school, Rachel works at the Dairy Queen in Whitesville. She likes to play guitar and her goal is to become a masseuse. She thinks that money might get in the way of achieving her goals. Her mother is handy with crafts and her dad makes tables from fallen trees.

Rachel does not think the Valley is in good condition. There is little vibrancy, and only a few active groups, like Coal River Mountain Watch. Just “driving through here gets me in a bad mood.” She believes that the coal companies are careless with how they operate their mines, saying that when they put a mine up in Sand Creek, “It became all dirty, there are potholes everywhere, litter... the companies are rude and don't care about the people.” Local government isn't much better either, the town of Whitesville does not spend their money well.

Despite that criticism, Rachel thinks that the coal companies are one of the main assets in the community.