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Community Resource Mapping

Sherry Geisler
Raising Goats and Spinning Wool in Rock Creek Hollow

Tucked between the mountains and Rock Creek sits a little log cabin which dates from 1838. This modest structure symbolizes the character of the Coal River settlers. Its walls remind us of their independent, strong and enduring nature. Neither floods nor winds have torn it down-- so the people of the valley continue to stand against present day challenges.

It is here that my husband, George, and I came to retire from the rat race of society. With the help of our Father in Heaven, we hope to be self-reliant, as were the former owners of the little cabin. On our farm we raise angora goats for their mohair. I love to teach processing, spinning and dying the fine fiber. From the garden we harvest, can and freeze food. George cuts hay for our animals, collects our eggs and takes the honey from our bees. He hardly feels retired.

In the future, I would like to open a yarn shop in the little log cabin. I would teach various fiber arts. However, we worry about the future of our valley. Many mountains we once enjoyed have been removed and only scarred rock is left. Our landscape has drastically turned in to moonscape. In the near future, we suspect more rock and pollution to fall upon the cabin. Hopefully, mountaintop removal will not force us from our very home and we can stand as firm as the little log cabin.

-Sherry Geisler, March 2010