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Community Resource Mapping

Community Resource Mapping
An introduction
This community resource mapping project of the Coal River Valley illustrates the current resources and future visions of local residents against the backdrop of the Valley’s ecological, economic, and social history represented within the other themes on this site.  It highlights the skills and resources of 46 Coal River Valley residents, their visions of prosperity for the area, and the projects they are working on to move towards that vision. 
The methods with which we engaged Coal River Valley residents were listening projects, follow-up conversations, and involvement in community projects.  Our listening projects used a series of questions that allowed subjects to articulate their positive future vision and present assessment of the Coal River Valley. Through these projects, they could also catalog the skills and resources that they could use in projects to bring the Coal River Valley closer to their vision.
Our objective through this theme was to combine research and community organizing to create a starting point for the creation of local alternatives to the extractive mono-economy.
The interactive map linked above shows the Coal River Valley with points that represent a person, couple, or family with whom we did a listening project. Clicking on the points shows an information bubble that displays a brief vision statement and list of skills, resources, and projects the person(s) has. A ‘more information’ link in the bubble directs the viewer to a written summary of the person's listening project.
Community Resources map