How to Get Involved

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Get Involved

The following are suggestions on how to conceptualize your level of engagement with the Scholar-Activist Alliance, but are by no means boxes you must fit yourself into.  If you see your engagement as something very different from the constructs below, that’s great.  This is a good place for out-of-the-box thinkers!

We are actively developing this model, and active internal participants can be part of that process.

For scholars, researchers and educators

Your involvement could be looked at in tiers from which you choose what best suits you:

  1. Passive involvement: Giving a thumbs up to the project and listing oneself as a resource that can be called on occasionally.  You may also donate funds, or solicit donations in some form.
  2. External active involvement: Not getting involved with any inner workings, but being active within your department or institution to identify students, researchers, etc., for participation in some way and helping on that end to connect researchers to community needs that SAA has identified.  You may actively reach out to departments other than your own, or to institutions other than your own.  You may also donate funds, solicit donations or identify grant opportunities.
  3. Internal active involvement: You would be getting involved in at least some of our ongoing discussions about moving this project forward, would be helping to shape the program, and may even be a grant coordinator.  You would do outreach to academics and perhaps also communities.  You probably won’t be donating personally, but would likely seek donations, grants and other partnerships.

Please contact us to get involved or to find out more information by emailing Hannah Spencer at

For communities, non-profits and other groups seeking people with skills

  1. Passive involvement: Check in with us periodically about the research, scholar or science needs of your community or group, and about what resources we’re currently connected with.  Offer funds when available and tell people about the SAA.
  2. External active involvement: Actively seeking out other communities, people and groups that would benefit from the SAA, or that SAA would benefit from.  Helping to identify skills and resource needs in your community or other communities.  Connect us with private donors, foundations or grant makers.
  3. Internal active involvement: Actively participate in ensuring the SAA functions.  Participate in coordinating the connections between communities/groups and scholars/researchers.  Reach out to scientists, researchers, scholars, academic departments and institutions.  Collaborate with the latter group, across disciplines, for an SAA that’s effective for all involved.  Seek out private donors, foundations and grant makers.

Please contact us to get involved or to find out more information, using the contact information found in the sidebar to the right.

For donors, foundations and grant makers

The Scholar-Activist Alliance provides an uncommon opportunity to connect impacted communities in Appalachia to resources and skills that are often out of their reach.  Your funding would have a multiplier effect on change-making ability for communities, scholars, researchers and students well beyond the sum of their parts.

If you’re interested in funding this innovative program, please contact us by emailing Liz Wiles at